Karen's Statement on the Immigration Bill

Washington never learns. What do rewards for au pair agencies, Alaskan seafood processors, and Vegas casinos have to do with immigration reform? We do need reform and the Senate deserves credit for at least trying, but the bill they just passed significantly misses the mark. 

The bill is equivalent to the amnesty measures passed in the '80s that, in large part, got us into this mess in the first place. It is heavy on rewarding illegal immigrants, light on border enforcement, and it's as loaded with pork as a rib cook off! Massive bills like this one -- and health care reform -- are designed to ensure Americans and their representatives do not know what is in them. When are we going to learn? Like so many of you, I am fed up with the way Washington works!

I urge the House to reject this bill. Congress must address this huge, complex issue with specific, smaller pieces of legislation that more logically and diligently solve the immigration problems we have today in a way that doesn't create more problems tomorrow and years down the road.

Click HERE to read a Breitbart article on the bill


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