Letter from Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon

My good friend Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon wrote a letter on my behalf. See the full letter here: 

Dear Friend, 

It's 9 PM on November 4, 2014 -- Election Day. You sit down to catch up on the news after a long day at the office and putting your kids to bed. Then you see the headline running across the bottom of the screen -- Michelle Nunn elected U.S. Senator. Harry Reid remains the majority leader. No relief from the crushing taxes, regulations, and Obamacare pushed by Democrats.

It doesn't have to be this way... but we have to be wise in selecting our Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate. Do you really think our best option for a US Senator, who should be an agent for conservative reform, is someone who has already been in Washington for a decade or more? We don't need to nominate a candidate who is going to say or do things that make him an easy target for the liberal media. We can't have a candidate who has been missing in action from 75% of his assigned committee meetings in Congress. Or a candidate who has defended Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" remarks. Or one who has received national attention for saying poor children receiving free school lunches should sweep the cafeteria floor. We simply cannot afford these mistakes in a race so important when our nominee will be facing the entire weight of the National Democratic machine.

Fortunately, the choice for U.S. Senate is clear. My friend Karen Handel is not a creature of Washington. She has extensive private sector experience. And as an elected official, first as Fulton County Commission Chairman and later as Georgia's first Republican Secretary of State, she cut taxes, reduced spending, and balanced budgets working with both Republicans and Democrats to solve problems, while holding fast to her conservative principles. Karen is a rock solid conservative -- she has been tested and is ready to carry our banner next year against Michelle Nunn.

I believe strongly in the maxim advocated by William F. Buckley, which is to support the most conservative candidate who can win in the general election. By any measure, my friend Karen Handel is that candidate. As a female conservative U.S. Senator from the Deep South, Karen will be immediately influential in the national conservative conversation. In my opinion, there is no other federal race in the country next year as important as electing Karen to the U.S. Senate.

Karen needs your help -- we have to raise money to get Karen's unabashed optimistic conservative message out to voters in the next four months ahead of the May 20 primary. I am asking you to give as much as I have to Karen -- $2,600 -- the maximum allowed under the law. If you can't do that, can you help with a donation of $1,000, $500, $250 or another amount today? We have a deadline of midnight December 31, so please join me in giving to Karen so that election day 2014 will be a new dawn for the conservative movement in Georgia and America.

Best Regards,

Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon

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